Advantages of LEDs

NGPS LED advantages

With LED lightbulbs, the power consumption is less significant in the calculation of costings because they consume very little.  Furthermore, the light output in lumens for an LED bulb is not directly related to its power consumption in watts.  The fact is that LED modules which are more efficient and capable of producing high lumen outputs are expensive to manufacture, especially when they are still being produced in comparatively low volumes. As a result, you will usually find that the higher the lumen output, the more expensive the LED bulb will be.

But it’s not so bad.  A 520 lumen 7w LED lamp from a quality manufacturer should be good for at least 25,000 hours and cost about £20 to run during that time.  It should easily be able to replace the 40w lightbulb which was costing £5.60 every 1,000 hours, which is £140 over 25,000 hours. Looking at it the other way, even if the LED lamp had a purchase price of £30, it would still only cost about £2 to run each 1000 hours compared to £5.60 for the traditional bulb.  Either way, you win by switching to LED because the cost of electricity isn’t likely to get any cheaper.

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LED lights are the most efficient and long lasting lights available and are an exellent investment for anyone wanting to save on their electricity bill. Even compared to the flourescent “energy saving” CFL bulbs, LEDs are more efficient by far and have other advantages over them as well. Our 7 watt incandescent shaped LEDs are of the same brightness as a 15-18 watt CFL or 60 watt standard incandescent bulb and reach full brightness straight away.

Unlike CFL bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury which can be harmful to the environment. If a CFL bulb cracks or is smashed, it can release harmful toxins which can be very dangerous if inhaled. Our LEDs last at least 3 times longer than the best CFLs on the market. We also have LED bulbs that can be dimmed at any time to your liking which is something that CFLs cannot do.

LEDs also replace halogen light bulbs. Our LED spotlights use as little as 1/10th of the electricity as a halogen spotlight and last 30 times longer with a lifespan of 30,000 hours compared to just 1000 hours for a halogen.

It is clear that LEDs will be taking over the lighting market over the next few years and it is now – in these turbulent times for the environment with energy costs soaring that we must cut back on our energy consumptions by investing in LED lighting for our businesses and homes.


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