The NGPS Simple Guide to LED Lighting


Up to 90% less energy use

Household lighting bill cut from 19% to 2%

Our guarantees mean you will save money



LED Colour temperatures

Our colour temperature diagram is a guide to show you the warmth of light that each of our products produce.

Ranging from a very cool white light such as our desk lamp to a very warm white such as our G125 filament globes.



Why is it better?

  • Our LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy but is just as bright with similar light quality to traditional lighting.
  • 19% of the average UK household energy bill is lighting cost. This can be cut down to about 2% if all the lighting is replaced by our LEDs.
  • Over time this saves a lot of money.
  • Our LED bulbs last up to 30 times longer so saving hugely on cost of replacement.
  • We guarantee for our bulbs 3 years so you are guaranteed to save money when compared to traditional lighting


What about the environment?

LED light bulbs are so far the most environmentally friendly way to light your home. This graphic shows emissions needed to power different types of lighting over the lifetime of a typical ‘energy saver’ or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)


CFL bulbs also contain a small amount of mercury which is harmful to the environment when disposed of or broken. All our LED products are RoHs certified which means they do not contain any harmful chemicals.


But they’re pricey aren’t they?

  • Each bulb is generally more expensive than a halogen or CFL but they last up to 30 times longer.
  • So you would have to buy 30 halogen bulbs to replace 1 of our LED bulbs.
  • If you paid £10 for our LED spotlight but £2 for a halogen you would still spend up to £60 on halogens over the life of one of our LED lamps !
  • On top of all this, the moment you replace your old lighting for our LED lamps, your electricity bill will plummet a massive 90% to as low as 10% of your old cost !  The time to change is now.