Dimmable LED lighting

NGPS dimming equipment
NGPS dimming equipment

Dimmable LED lighting is an evolving technology and, at NGPS we make sure we have the best dimmable models available that are compatible with most dimmers on the market.
There are generally 2 types of dimmers for household lighting: Leading-edge and Trailing-edge.
Older household dimmers are leading-edge which means that they work with high wattage incandescent light bulbs that are a minimum of 50W.
Therefore leading-edge dimmers will only work with LED bulbs if they collectively exceed 50W.

Trailing-edge dimmers will work with light bulbs of a much lower wattage such as LED bulbs but this does not mean that they will work perfectly.


Many cheap quality dimmable LED bulbs will flicker and not dim properly due to their poor quality driver inside.
We only use the best quality IC dimmable drivers available and have tested our dimmable LED bulbs on standard trailing edge dimmers including brands such as Aurora, Click, Varilight and Lutron.

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